People Love Buying Patriotic Items around Patriotic Holiday Times

Tying Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day together to sell flags and red, white and blue clothing
a brilliant business concept among retailers. These three holidays all fall right in a row over a three month period spanning from May to July. With all three holidays being patriotic, it is a great time to get buyers to tap into the concept and purchase items that relate to the holidays. Not to mention, that it can give retailers great opportunities for advertisement, since they only have to spend funding on one set of advertising material, and run it all three months. This saves them big money, and reaps them huge rewards.

Summertime is a great time to sell patriotic clothing, because there are so many new trendy styles in the marketplace today. Women and teenage girls rave over the latest tank tops in red, white and blue, and wear them with white jean shorts and sandals. If the weather is a little rainy or cooler, they simply trade the shorts for white jeans, and wear a matching jacket over the tank tops. If tennis shoes are opted for over sandals, there are even shoestrings available in a variety of vivid colors to match the patriotic outfits.

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Bikinis are also popular in patriotic colors during this time of year. If you walk up and down the beach anywhere from May to July, you will probably see multiple women wearing these colors. Any clothing you want in red, white and blue will likely be able to be found during this time of year. Most retailers will even sell accessories such as hair ribbons or ties in these colors.

Tying Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day together to sell flags and red, white and blue clothing is especially a good practice for booth vendors at street carnivals and other festive events. Typically specialty clothing can be found at these events that are handcrafted, and that cannot be purchased from a department store. Some of these items include patriotic socks, shoes in flag colors, tie- dye dresses or even scrunched shirts that are dyed in red, white and blue coloring.

This is a fun time of year for everyone to show their love and spirit of their country. While people should do that year round, they seem to do it more often during these holiday times. Any clothing items that can be made in these colors around this time of year will be huge sellers, especially if they are unique clothing items that aren’t seen too often. Red, white and blue clothing with embellishments are also huge sellers. If you take a pair of blue jeans and bejewel them with gemstones in these colors, the items will fly off of the shelf quicker than you can restock them. People will pay a descent price for these items, because they know that they are unique, and have no problem paying for a quality product. If you want a particular clothing item that you cannot find, ask a person in charge. Chances are they may be able to special order it for you if they do not carry it.

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