Gift Ideas for Weddings: Registry or Personal?

Everyone loves a wedding, right? The traditions and rituals passed down from our ancestors, the touching moment of two people joining their lives together, and of course the reception afterward! Don’t let stressing about the right gift spoil the event for you.

Most couples register for their big day at stores that they like. Be sure to check with them about where they’re registered! Registries can be a great springboard for ideas. Many are now available online, as well, so shopping doesn’t have to be such a hassle.

However, don’t feel limited to what is on their lists! Maybe you have a favorite rice cooker or coffee maker that you think the new couple would enjoy. Fancy linens and towels may be nice to show off, but more practical sets will also be appreciated and see years and years of use, keeping all those fancy linens as nice as the day they were married.

The best gifts are personal and usable by both the bride and groom. You could make them a ‘honeymoon kit’ with candles or incense of their favorite scents, massage oil, a bottle of champagne or sparkling grape juice, and even a certificate for a couple’s spa treatment. Another great gift idea would be a customized bulletin board with sections marked for each of the newlyweds and one big section in the middle labelled ‘Ours.’

Whether you go the safe route and buy a gift from their registry or make them a more personal gift, your presence and support on their big day is what will mean the most. Feel free to comment if you’re still stumped, and as always, we hope you keep coming back here for more great gift ideas!

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