Simple and Elegant Wedding Gift Ideas

You are gearing up for the wedding of a relative or a close friend and everything would be very exciting but for one problem. You’ve been racking your brains for the past few days but no wedding gift ideas you come up with seem good enough for the wedding couple. You are probably on the verge of throwing in the towel. What you do not realize is that there is a solution right under your nose.

You are not the first person to be confounded by the prospect of buying wedding gifts, and you will not be the last. This need for ideas is so immense that it has created an entire niche in the wedding industry, of gift consultants. These are specialists in helping you figure out and fulfill your gift giving wish. They help you in selecting personalized gifts, and you no longer have to fret over money wastage in the acquisition of unnecessary gifts.

The gift consultant will guide you in determining the factors to consider when selecting or personalizing the gifts. These factors could be such as the beneficial value of the gift, as well as its durability. A practical gift is actually better than an extravagant one that will add no value to life.

Do not let a tight budget stop you from getting your loved ones a gift they are sure to love. Even if you may have been to other weddings and witnessed the couples being given extravagant gifts whose costs make your jaw drop, you need not feel intimidated. There are plenty of elegant ideas for wedding gifts, and all at affordable prices. These gifts, though cheap, are of fine quality and emotional value. Being as it is that weddings are largely sentimental occasions, cheap gifts that are of great sentimental value will go a long way in expressing your wishes of eternal love and happiness to the wedding couple.

Think of a simple, but elegant idea of a gift basket. There are food and non-food gift baskets. You could combine wine or gourmet chocolate with cheese, or stock it with beauty and skin care products. You can even personalize this gift by picking the couple’s favorite gourmet coffee blends.

Another personalized gift idea is a blanket. Remember that this couple is starting out on a new life, and household items are some of the things they need. Get them a blanket and jazz it up with their names and their wedding date. You can even addembroidery of a special message. The same case goes for bath towel and robes set.

A popular gift idea that is also cheap is champagne flutes. You can personalize these flutes by having them monogrammed, or having the couple’s names etched onto them. Once they are gift wrapped, you are all set for the wedding. You can also opt for a wine set, such as gourmet and branded wines. With the practical gifts, go for kitchen ware like a toaster, coffee maker or cutlery set.

Genius wedding gift ideas are like a wedding time capsule, a lollipop bouquet or a surprise honeymoon gift. The best idea, though, is hard cash. The new couple then gets to utilize this to meet their most urgent needs.

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