What Type of Dad Do You Have? Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It’s almost Father’s Day!  Don’t forget that it’s on the third Sunday of every year, and this year, that date is June 17.  That doesn’t leave much time to find the right gifts for all the great fathers in our lives, does it?  And it can be so tricky picking out a good gift!

Jokes abound about bad Father’s Day gifts.  The stereotypes of ties and socks probably won’t be appreciated by most fathers, but if you know a particularly image conscious father, then clothes could be a great gift. A fleece hoodie, like the one below, might be out of season, but he’s sure to appreciate it come winter. A customized polo shirt, also shown below, is another great and personal gift idea.

The best way to avoid the cliche bad Father’s Day gift is to consider what kind of dad for which you’re shopping.  If he enjoys working on cars, then tools or supplies for his favorite toys might be a safe bet.  Accessories like steering wheel covers, floor mats, and air freshners are also great ideas. Alternatively, you can get him the car that he’s always wanted! Maybe just a bit smaller, like this remote controlled Lamborghini.

Maybe he prefers sitting on the couch and watching television.  There are plenty of gifts for entertainment junkies like remote caddies for his favorite chair, subscriptions to magazines like TV Guide, and all his favorite shows on DVD or BluRay, of course. Check out this great universal remote. With it, Dad can control all his favorite devices, and since it comes in a pack of two, he’ll always be able to find one!

The dad who loves gadgets and the latest technology might seem like the most difficult dad for which to find gifts.  After all, those shiny toys have price tags that are just as shiny as their chrome backings.  But all those shiny toys also need a whole mess of accessories.  Does he have a car kit for his smart phone?  What about a blue tooth keyboard and case for his tablet?  Or a fancy dock for his favorite MP3 player?  The possibilities are endless. For the dad always on the go, this solar-powered charger for mobile device is a great buy.

And let’s not forget about all the fathers who love sports.  Jerseys and other memorabilia from their favorite teams are always a good idea.  Many dads would also love their own sporting goods.  With a fancy brand of golf balls or a new golf bag, you can get him the items that he craves but may be too frugal to splurge on himself. This indoor/outdoor practice mat would be great for the father who is too busy to go golfing as much as he likes.

No matter what kind of dad you’re shopping for, be sure to come back here for more tips and suggestions.  Did we not have suggestions relevant to the fathers in your life?  Please comment, so that we can help you with all your gift hunting.

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